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Pluripotent (Stem Cell) Anti-Aging Skin Cream


Pluripotent (Stem Cell) Anti-Aging Skin Cream

Turn Back the Clock with Pluripotent Anti-Aging Cream!

The Next Generation of Age-defying Treatments, Clinically Proven to Reduce the Appearance of Lines and Wrinkles, Crow’s Feet, and Under-eye Bags.

Softens and repairs deeply-etched wrinkles, restores facial volume, replenishes skin firmness and elasticity by aiding the reversal of the natural skin aging process.

As our skin ages, the cell regeneration and renewal process goes on a dramatic slowdown. The once firm facial areas begin to sag, from under the eyes to the cheeks—leading to the droopy jowls. Wrinkles begin to appear, starting out as fine lines then possibly developing to deep creases in the form of crow’s feet and smile lines.

Continue enjoying soft, smooth, and supple skin and help protect it from further aging damage with Pluripotent Anti-Aging Skin Cream. Our formulation exclusively contains the most recent breakthrough in anti-aging with the dermal “pluripotent” stem cells.

Pluripotent is formulated with Trasnscription Factors and Telemorase, the much-touted immortalizing enzyme that causes the skin’s cells to continue dividing and creating new cells even past the time they’re supposed to. These unique ingredients aid in maintaining or even jumpstarting the skin renewal process.

See the difference for yourself.


Our skin cells are biologically programmed to stop dividing and age. This is part of the natural cycle of life. Until recently, there was nothing we could do about it. That is, before the discovery of the 4-Transcription Factors.

Studies have shown that the 4-Transcription Factors play an important role in turning back on the so-called immortalizing enzyme, Telemorase, in our skin cells. The 4-Transcription Factors and Telemorase are important components that have been mixed with our proprietary anti-aging cream formula. Our previous formulation has been proven a powerful skin renewing cream, imagine its potency now that we’ve added breakthrough ingredients.  

Pluripotent Anti-Aging Skin Cream will disrupt the natural skin aging cycle. With the use of the cream, aging skin cells will be tricked into dividing and creating new skin cells. This leads to skin that’s more supple and the reduction, if not total elimination, of lines, wrinkles, and even scars.

Human biology is such that the immortal reproductive cells that built all of us develop into differentiated cells within our bodies, thus triggering the preprogrammed genetic aging factors, and lose the capacity to proliferate (divide) forever. So, the once immortal reproductive cells become mortal cells, the likes of those in our skin, and have the ability to divide and produce new skin cells genetically turned off, acquiring a finite life span. And, as our tissues age or deteriorate from disease, our bodies have a fixed and limited capacity to regenerate ad repair those tissues. As a result, if we suffer a major skin abrasion, it is repaired not with new skin cells but with scar tissue instead. In addition, these differentiated skin cells naturally age, get leathery, develop wrinkles, and eventually de with us.

In other words, the inadequate ability to generate new skin cells in a naturally aging body is cause of wrinkling, spots (discoloration), and scarring.

It doesn’t stop there!

The same is also true for stretch marks and scars. The miracle that is Pluripotent Anti-Aging Cream with the Telemorase enzyme is the key in turning back the cellular aging clock! With the Telemorase in the Pluripotent Anti-aging Cream, the skin’s ability to regenerate and renew id turned back on. With or without the aid or derma rollers, the human body is allowed to regenerate and escape the genetic boundaries of normal human aging. 


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